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The Benefits of Being a Member

The world of digital marketing is ever-changing. When we first started in 2002, very few law firms had websites and people were using our referral service to connect with a lawyer. Now, with law firm websites flooding the Internet, prospective clients are researching law firms in detail themselves and, often, contacting a lawyer on their own.

is a lawyerlocate membership worth it?

As people’s search habits change, so do we.

When you sign up for a LawyerLocate membership, your listing on our database won’t become stagnant. We use SEO to ensure our members are front and centre when someone visits our website looking for a lawyer.

You may think, “I have a website. Isn’t that enough?” Quite simply: No.

The Internet is flooded with business websites and without the proper SEO, your website will be lost in a sea of online noise. Having a website won’t help unless people who need a lawyer are finding you.

When people turn to the Internet looking for a lawyer, our SEO techniques help them find your law firm. Without a listing in our database, you could be missing out on prospective clients. Many law firms are listed in a variety of legal industry databases.

Shouldn’t you be listed too?

We help drive traffic to your website by building trust.

Having the proper keywords on your website to help people find your law firm is the first step, not the only step.

Links from good quality, topically-related websites is crucial to increasing your website’s rankings in organic search results. Having your firm’s name, phone number, address, and website appear on LawyerLocate sends a signal to Google’s algorithm that your business is reputable and trustworthy.

This means when someone searches Google for a lawyer in your area, your law firm will be among the first to appear.

Connect with Prospective Clients

People coming to LawyerLocate are generally highly-motivated potential clients. 
We help you make the most of these site visits by:

A Personalized Profile Page

Highlight your skills skills and expertise and give prospective clients insight into the services your firm typically provides.

Adding Links To Your Website

We include links to your firm’s website right on your profile page to make it easy for prospective clients to navigate directly to your website where they can continue to research your firm and contact you.

Listing Your Contact Details

Our website lists your phone and an email form so that prospective clients can contact you directly. We pre-screen emails to ensure they are not spam or scams so that your inbox isn’t filling up with junk mail — a service many of our competitors don’t provide. Every email you get from LawyerLocate is a quality lead on a potential new client.

Special Access to Prospective Clients with Our Referral Service

When someone uses our referral service, we send their request exclusively to lawyers in our database whose profile “matches” the person’s needs (based on geography and law specialty). This insider access is only offered to LawyerLocate members.

Simply put, we’re always evolving to keep pace with changing technologies so that our members are getting the maximum benefit from our services.

The Benefits

Your membership benefits include pre-screened client referrals, heightened online exposure, a customized profile page in our directory, and more.

Membership Information


Our online, offline, and mobile exposure ensures the referrals keep rolling in.

Membership Information


Pre-screened referrals, filtered by practice area & geographic location, delivered to your inbox.

Lawyer Directory


A preview card of your profile page appears in the directory results of your practice area of law, sub-practice area of law, and geographic location.

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Includes a 5000 character description, your practice areas, photograph and logo, map location, unlimited website and social links, youtube videos.

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Our SEO experts position your profile page for competitive search rankings of keywords in your area of law and practice location. This drives traffic to your listing.

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Allows potential clients to see exactly where you are in relationship to themselves and can provide them with step-by-step directions to your location.

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You invest significant time and energy in developing content for your website, blogs, and all of your social media accounts. We increase your reach by linking to all of these website properties and networking accounts.

Membership Information


Allows potential clients to see exactly where you are in relationship to themselves and can provide them with step-by-step directions to your location.

Membership Information


We are here to help optimize your listing and make changes whenever you want or need. You don’t need to log in and make changes yourself; we do the work for you!


We are here to answer them!

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