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Memberships and Pricing

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Pricing To Suit All Lawyers and Paralegals

Two Payment Frequencies. Choose The Payment Option Best For You.



per lawyer or paralegal / per month

Key Features

1 Location (option to purchase more)
Unlimited Areas of Law
Profile Page
Unlimited Photographs & Videos
Unlimited Links to Social Networks
Link To Your Website
Contact Form For Emailing You
Referral Service Participation


per lawyer or paralegal / per year

Key Features

Save – Get 12 months for the price of 10
1 Location (option to purchase more)
Unlimited Areas of Law
Profile Page
Unlimited Photographs & Videos
Unlimited Links to Social Networks
Link To Your Website
Contact Form For Emailing You
Referral Service Participation

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this service work? Inc. connects potential clients with lawyers and/or other professionals by providing broad exposure in newspaper and television advertising and on the Internet, coupled with a direct and fast connection to persons or companies seeking help with their legal or related problems. Inc. receives electronic submissions from potential clients with the background information and description of their problems and these submissions will be sent to the lawyers (i.e., geographically and by practice areas) on the same business day.

How much do you charge per referral?

Nothing. Your flat-rate membership fee includes provision of the referrals that match the profile information you provide us.  There is never any additional charge associated with the referrals.

When I receive a referral from the service, do I have to respond? Do I have to provide a free consultation?

No. You are under no obligation to respond. If you choose to respond, you may do so by email or telephone to the potential client. The initial response is to be provided on a no fee basis to the potential client. The detail and length of your initial response is at your discretion. We do require that if you respond to the submission, you provide sufficient information to allow the potential client to make an informed choice of whether they wish to meet with you or retain your services.

I only take corporate clients. Aren’t your referrals all from individual consumers?

No. We routinely receive referral requests and visitors who are in search of a corporate lawyer. Our statistics show these visitors are more apt to contact the lawyer(s) directly, rather than use the referral service portion of our website. So, although you may not receive as many referral requests from us directly (in comparison to, say a family lawyer on our service) you will definitely benefit from being found on our website by potential clients.

I am too busy with clients right now. Why would I need referrals?

Our service is not just about referrals. You can benefit from our television advertising campaigns and our superior search engine exposure.

I practice more than one major area of law. How may areas can I list under?

Upon registration for a BETTER or BEST plan, you are able to select as many of the categories and sub-categories that apply to your practice. 

Can I sign up my firm and not just me as an individual lawyer?

No. Our fundamental belief is that although some individuals will “shop” for a “firm”, in most cases they are in search for an individual lawyer that will fit their personal needs. It is for this reason our directory is based on individual lawyer listings, rather than by firms.

What if my partner and I both want to register? Is there a discount?

Yes, discounts are available. Please contact us for more information on our discounting programs.

How long has Inc. been in business? Inc. was federally incorporated in 2002. You can read more about the company’s history on our About Us page.

Can you guarantee what my return on investment will be?

No. Your return on investment will depend on several factors, including, but not limited to:

  • The speed in which you respond to referral requests.
  • How you choose to respond to the referral requests (i.e., by email or telephone).
  • The way in which you present yourself on your profile page. For example:
    • Will you provide a photograph? Is it a professional photograph or snapshot that was taken with a cellular phone?
    • Will you take the time to provide a detailed description that highlights yourself, your practice and your areas of expertise?
    • Will you select all areas of practice regardless of whether or not you truly do those types of files? Or will you take the time to select only those types of law that you truly practice and are seeking to expand your business into?

Although we are not able to guarantee a specific level of return on investment, we are happy to work with you in order to maximize your return on investment.

There are similar services out there on the Internet. Why should I choose
  • We are 100% Canadian. 100% Canadian owned and operated. 100% focused on the Canadian legal profession.
  • We have the most extensive database of its kind in North America. This allows you the opportunity to present your practice in a truly specific manner – a feature that is lacking in many similar services.
  • We are not an exclusive-only listing service. This helps keep your costs down and helps keep our website traffic up.
  • We often advertise off-line in newspapers and on television. We do this to increase our brand awareness and to drive potential clients to our website.
  • We present the directory in a randomized fashion. This means that you will appear at the top of the directory just as often as your competitor will. Many directory-type services don’t do this; they often only list in an alphabetical fashion.
  • We make it easy for you. You don’t have to log in to a website to check for referrals. You don’t have to respond to any of the referrals we send you. You don’t have to report back to us.
Once I register, can I upgrade or downgrade my account?

Yes, you may upgrade or downgrade your account anytime you wish. And we never charge an administration fee for making changes to your service.

Where can I get more information regarding

Please feel free to contact us. We would be pleased to answer any questions you may have.

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