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  • Vivene Younger


    Detail oriented and highly analytical lawyer with excellent verbal and written communication skills. Established reputation for working independently and as a highly competent team player. Exceptional leadership skills and ability to inspire colleagues while working as a team. Strong interpersonal skills and diverse range of organizational skills. Excellent legal research skills. Ability to work under pressure to achieve strict deadlines. Very good trial preparation and advocacy skills. Basic French and Spanish proficiency. Software skills include: MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel, MS Outlook, PC Law, and Document Management systems. Very good public speaking skills. Client-centred approach to every case. Master’s Degree in International Commercial Law.


    Principal Lawyer; Barrister, Solicitor and Notary Public, MariKal Law, Mississauga

    Employment Law
    • Representing clients at Employment Tribunal on wrongful dismissal matters;
    • Conducting legal research;
    • Drafting Employment contracts for employer;
    • Working with teams to complete high profile document review projects;
    • Negotiating severance packages with employers; and
    • Preparing mediation briefs and Representing clients at mediation.
    Civil Litigation
    • Drafting Statements of Claim, Statements of Defence and Offers to Settle for Plaintiffs and Defendants;
    • Engaging in settlement meetings with opposing counsel;
    • Conducting legal research;
    • Attending mediation sessions;
    • Consultations;
    • Advocating for clients in Small Claims Court.
    Family Law
    • Trial preparation and representation of client at 27-day high profile family law trial;
    • Trial preparation and representation of client at 10-day trial on appeal of family law matters;
    • Representing clients at emergency motions for child abduction, withholding of children, parenting time etc.;
    • Conducting legal research;
    • Divorce proceedings;
    • Independent Legal Advice;
    • Consultations;
    • Advocating for clients at settlement meetings.
    • Drafting Wills;
    • Drafting Powers of Attorney;
    • Independent Legal Advice.

  • Vivene Younger

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  • Vivene Younger

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  • Vivene Younger

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Vivene Younger

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